Gurudwara Sangatsar Sahib, Cyprus

Gurudwara Sangatsar Sahib has come up in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Sikh community in Cyprus felt the need for a Gurudwara where sangat could gather and seek Guru's blessing. The coming up a Gurudwara is the relentless efforts of few settled families in Cyprus. Cyprus is an orthodox Greek community where setting up a place of worship of other community/religion is really difficult. However, with Cyprus moving into European Union things have and will change.

The Gurudwara in its present state can accommodate around 100 people. Bhai Inderpal Singh ji is the Granthi, who besides his normal work schedule takes care of the the holy place. Guru's bani is recited in the morning and evening. There is a special program on Sunday which includes the recitation of "Sukhmani Sahib", followed by "Anand Sahib", "Ardaas" and Guru Ka Langar. The program lasts from 9am till 1pm.

Address 10 Platonos Street, Pallouriotissa, 1041, Nicosia, Cyprus