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If there are any omissions or errors in Gurudwara Sahibs listed in Nairobi or there are additional Gurudwaras in Nairobi, Please Contact Us with details.

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, , 11308

Gaberone Road, , , 20600

<p>Siri Gurudwara, at its present site, was founded in 1918. The building consisted of wood and corrugated iron sheets structure and remained in that ...

, , 40703

<p>Ramgahria Railway Sikh Temple South 'C' is a branch of Sikh Temple Landia. The First Gurdwara Sahib in Kenya.</p> <p>In 1960, the land for the pre ...

Telephone40703 / 504794
, , 32724

<p>Gurdwara Nanaksar Satsang Sabha runs like a typical Nanaksar instution where no money charava (donations) is accepted and no langar is cooked. The ...

Telephone43200 / 580174
Pangani, , , 40845

<p>The present Ramgarhias are indebted to the pioneers, skilled artisans and technicians working on the Kenya Uganda Railways in the early nineteen's. ...

Telephone40845 / 760091 / 763870
, , 44984

<p>Sikh Temple Landia was the first Gurdwara established in Nairobi, Kenya in 1903. The Gurdwara is built in the vicinty of the main train station in ...


<p>The main aim of the Singh Sabha was to restore the purity of the Sikh culture, to do away with non-Sikh practices and inculcate love for Sikhism. I ...

Telephone40496 / 210264 / 210224
Juja Road, , , 40597

<p>The Juja Road branch of Siri Gurudwara Bazaar was started in 1962 consisting of Main prayer Hall, Langar, Guru Nanak Nursery School and Secondary S ...


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