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Paath of Guru Granth Sahib

Paath – Recitation of Guru Granth Sahib
Reading of Guru Granth Sahib may be a Sehj Paath, Akhand-Paath, Saptahak-Paath, Sampat-Paath.

Paath –Enjoy It

Go for doing Paath with clean body, clean clothes, well-washed hands, and clean mind.
Recite Paath with love and devotion. Enjoy Paath.
Feel as if you are in the presence of God.
When reading, perceive the blessings of God.
Do Paath in the attitude of submission to the Lord.
Do not hurry through Paath unless there is need for hurry.
Try to read at least occasionally, may be some portions, in tune. You will enjoy it.
Some times, when doing Paath, try to go into Vaeraag (a loving detachment). It will take your mind to the higher levels, and immerse you in ecstasy.
There is a liberal choice for doing Paath –

Paath – Starting a Paath

Paath – Recitation of Guru Granth Sahib.
Starting It, Time and Place
There is no restriction of time and place to start and to continue Paath.
Mostly, a Paath is started in the morning hours, and reading can be done in your fixed or spare time. There is no binding.
Parshad is offered to the Guru Granth Sahib, Ardas is said and Paath is started.
There is no limit of the portion to be read every day.
Bhog of Paath can be set when the Paath gets completed.

Paath - Sehj Paath

It is a Sehj Paath - routine recitation with no restriction of time or days. It is a Paath at leisure, without any hurry.

Paath - Akhand-Paath

It is continuous recitation from its start to end without any break. It usually takes 48 hours, may be slightly less or more. Some think that only Amritdharis should do an Akhand Paath. Mostly, five persons do this recitation, but there is no strict limit. It should be done after full bath including the head wash, and changing to the washed, clean clothes. Ladies can equally take part in any Paath, Akhand-Paath as well.

Paath - Saptahak-Paath

This reading is usually from the morning till the evening, and is completed in 7 days. Two or more persons may do it. Bhog – culmination of Paath, is on the seventh day in the morning.


keeping in mind the motive, a certain suitable Hymn is selected from the Holy Granth. It may be written down on a paper. Paath of the Holy Book is started right from the beginning, first by reading the selected Hymn from paper or by reciting it by heart from memory. Thereafter, this selected Hymn is recited after reading every Shabad (Hymn) in its sequence in the Holy Book. This selected Shabad (Sampatt) is recited also at the end of the recitation of the Holy Book. This is continuous reading without a break and may take 7 to 10 days or a little less or even more to complete it. Any number of persons may participate in this recitation. Its Bhog – culmination, is performed in the morning.


1. For correct phonation of every word, recitation of the Holi Book should be done by actual reading.
2. Ladies can participate in every type of Paath.
3. As a page marker, one may use a paper with a Shabad written on it. For this purpose, do not fold the corner of a page.
4. Guru Granth Sahib should be touched with hands freshly washed and cleaned with fresh (new) napkin or clean (unused) towel.

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