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Gurdwara - Occasional Programs

Occasionally, any other faith-oriented-programs may be organized.


Where possible, a Gurdwara may organize an Amrit ceremony. This needs five practicing Amritdhari Sikhs to prepare Amrit and to give it to those eager to have it.
Amrit – It is the holy drink prepared by five Amritdhari Sikhs, by stirring Khanda (double edged iron sword) in the watery syrup put in the iron bowl. While stirring it, the five prescribed Banis (Scriptures) are recited in turn, one by the each Amritdhari Sikh.


Those who have themselves taken (drank) Amrit and practice the faith observing the edicts of Amrit to lead an ethical life.

Practicing Sikhs

Those Sikhs who observe edict s of Amrit. The tidings of taking Amrit are – living an ethical life, recitation of specified Scriptures, and observing other guidelines to live an elevated life.

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