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Bhoman Shah, ,

The Darbar of Baba Shri Chand Ji is displaying its splendour within the complex of Dera Baba Bhuman Shah. It is a double storey building with a Beau ...

Dharamsala Bhai Harnam Singh Ji at Buccheki Distt Sheikhpura

Bucheke, ,

Buccheki is a well known town on Lahore-Jaranwala road. The old city is about one km from the main road. The Dharamsala of Bhai Harnam Singh is in the ...

Dharamsala Bhai Hema Ji at Magghiana, Jhang

Bhabrana Mohalla, ,

This is a large and beautiful place in the Bhabrana Mohalla of Jhang Magghiana. It has a splendid 3-storeyed building. The building was actually built ...

Bannu, ,

The village called Dharmakhel is very close to Bannu City. It is three kilometers from the bus stand of Bannu city. The village is located on Kohat ...

Gurdwara Nihang Singhan

Nankana Sahib, ,

Gurdwara Nihang Singhan This Gurdwara is situated in between Gurdwara Tambu Sahid and Gurdwara HarGobind Sahib. No historical evidence is forthcoming ...

Category:Nankana Sahib
Gurudwara Ajeet Sar Okara

Chak 11/1 L, ,

This sacred Shrine is in Village 11/1-L situated on Renala Khurd-Dipalpur Road. Its bus stop is the bridge for chak No: 10/1-L on the canal. The Shrin ...

Gurudwara Ajnianwala Distt Sheikhpura


This sacred Shrine is present even today in the settlement of Ajnianwala. Many families are settled in it now. This place was built by Surjan Das Khat ...


Jhanda Ram Street, , ,

This sacred Shrine is situated in Jhanda Ram Street near Chota Bazaar of Dera Ismail Khan. It was considered as the second biggest centre of Sangat in ...

Gurudwara Baba Gurbaksh Singh Nainakot

Naina Kot, ,

There is a big town called Nainakot about 24 kms from Tehsil Shakar Garh. Government Primary School Nainankot is on the eastern side of the Village. T ...


Kahna Nau,

This holy Shrine is in the town of Kahna Nau located on the Lahore-Ferozpur road. Gurdwara complex is a beautifully built three storeyed building. The ...

Gurudwara Baba Ram Thaman ji at Kalu Khara Distt Kasur

Kalu Khara,

This Shrine is situated in tehsil and district Kasur. One has to get off the train at Rao Khan Wala or Raja Jang railway station. Its distance from bo ...


Kharak, ,

A Village in Burki Police station of tehsil & district'Lahore is known as "Kharak". Gurdwara "Bair Sahib" of Guru HarGobind Ji is about half a kil ...

Gurudwara Bal Lilah Sahib

Nankana Sahib, ,

Gurudwara Bal Lilah Sahib This Gurudwara is associated with the wondrous profiles of the early childhood of Guru Nanak. Gurudwara Bal Lilah is situat ...

Category:Nankana Sahib
Gurudwara Baoli Sahib at Sialkot City

Sialkot, ,

The Gurdwara Baoli Sahib is located at a distance of two hundred meters from Gurdwara Bair Sahib. It was built over the site where once the house of M ...


Laha Bazar, , ,

This Gurudwara is situated in the famous busy market of Dabbi Bazaar in the centre of Lahore city. One side of this Gurudwara adjoins Dabbi Bazaar, th ...


Rang Mahal, ,

This sacred Shrine of fifth Guru is situated in Rang Mahal Bazaar of Lahore city at the back of the Sonehri (Golden) Mosque. The compiler of "Tawarikh ...

Gurudwara Ber Sahib at Sialkot City

Sialkot, ,

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji reached Sialkot via Jammu he found the whole city in the grip of terror. Guru Dev Ji inquired and learnt that someone had faile ...

Gurudwara Bhai Bahlol at Qadiwind


Qadiwind Village is within P.S., tehsil and district Kasur. A metalled road from Steel Bagh District Hospital Kasur leads to this Village. Tongas (hor ...



Mangat is a town of Tehsil Phalia (district Mandi Bahauddin). This Shrine is located on the Mandi Bahauddin-Gujrat road at a distance of 12 kilometers ...

Category:Mandi Bahauddin

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