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Gurdwara Paur Sahib - Bilaspur

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Gurdwara Paur Sahib consists of a small domed room with a verandah in front, near a spring whose name is said to be based on a legend similar to the o ...

Gurdwara Sehra Sahib, Basantgarh

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Gurdwara Sehra Sahib, on top of a hillock near Basi or Basantgarh Village, one kilometre south of Guru ka Lahore in Bilaspur district of Himachal Prad ...

Gurdwara Triveni Sahib - Bilaspur

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Gurdwara Triveni Sahib which is constructed over a spring formerly called Karpa (spear) Baoli created, according to popular legend, by the Guru with a ...

Guru Ka Lahaur-Bilaspur

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Guru Ka Lahaur, a cluster of three Gurdwaras near Basantgarh Village in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh and about 12 kilometers north of Anandpu ...

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