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Gurudwara Chhevin Patshahi,Minhala

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">The Village Minhala is located in P.S. Burki of Lahore district. A road starts from Jalto Mor and leads to ...

Category Lahore

<p>This Village called Manga is located on Lahore-Multan road about 35 kilometer from Lahore.</p> <p>The Gurdwara can be seen standing beside Aligarh ...

Category Lahore
Gurudwara Chowmala Sahib, Bhati Darwaza Lahore
Bhati Gate, , ,

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This sacred Shrine is located in Chowmala Mohalla inside Bhati Gate. Guru HarGobind Ji stayed in the house ...

Category Lahore
Gurudwara Dera Sahib Panjvin Patshahi, Lahore
Lahore Fort,

<p>Gurdwara Dera Sahib is situated opposite Lahore Fort near BadShahi Mosque. This is the place where Sat Gur Arjun Dev Ji was martyred in the River R ...

Category Lahore
Gurudwara Guru Kotha, Wazirabad

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">Wazirabad is a leading town of Gujranwala district and Guru Kotha, the sacred place named after Guru HarGo ...

Category Gujranwala
Gurudwara Gurusar,Rehsema Distt Sialkot
Salehpur, ,

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This Shrine of HarGobind Ji called Gurusar is located at Rehsema Village of Sialkot district. Once there u ...

Category Sialkot
Gurudwara Khara Sahib, Bhaike Mattu
Bhaike Mattu, ,

<p style="text-align: left;" align="center">The Village by the name Bhaike Mattu is located about two kilometers south-east of the Police Station Nosh ...

Category Gujranwala
Gurudwara Kund Sahib, Rehsema Distt Sialkot
Salehpur, ,

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This Village by the name of Rehsema is a border Village of district and tehsil Sialkot. There are three Gu ...

Category Sialkot
Gurudwara Lal Khooh , Lahore
Muhalla Barudkhana, ,

<p>Gurdwara is situated behind the water tank or Pani Wala Talab near Muhalla Barudkhana in the centre of Lahore City. Chandu's haveli was situated th ...

Category Lahore
Gurudwara Panjvin and Chhevin Patshahi, Nankana Sahib
Nankana Sahib, ,

<p>Both of these historical Shrines are situated near Tambo Sahib on the road leading towards Janamasthan Nankana Sahib. The Shrine of Sat Gur Arjun D ...

Category Nankana Sahib
Gurudwara Patshahi Chhevin : Muzang

<p>When Jahangir handed over Chandu to Guru HarGobind Sahib, he visited this place alongwith Chandu. Guru HarGobind Ji also made his forst halt here, ...

Category Lahore
Gurudwara Patshahi Chhevin Bhatti Darwaza , Lahore
Bhatti Gate, , ,

<p>This place, that was hallowed by the holy touch of the feet of the Sixth Guru HarGobind Sahib, is situated inside Bhatti Darwaza in the Chumalah Mu ...

Category Lahore
Gurudwara Shikargarh Sahib, Kacha Distt Lahore

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This sacred Shrine connected with the Lahore visit of Sat Guru HarGobind, is located at a distance of 15 k ...

Category Lahore
Gurudwara Tahli Sahib,Rehsema Distt Sialkot
Salehpur, ,

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This is the third Shrine of Guru HarGobind Ji in this Village. When Guru Dev Ji reached this place, the ma ...

Category Sialkot

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