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Historical Gurudwaras in Sheikhpura

If there are any omissions or errors in Gurudwara Sahibs listed in Sheikhpura or there are additional Gurudwaras in Sheikhpura, Please Contact Us with details.

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Dharamsala Bhai Harnam Singh Ji at Buccheki Distt Sheikhpura
Bucheke, ,

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">Buccheki is a well known town on Lahore-Jaranwala road. The old city is about one km from the main road. T ...

Gurudwara Ajnianwala Distt Sheikhpura

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This sacred Shrine is present even today in the settlement of Ajnianwala. Many families are settled in it ...

Gurudwara Panjvin Patshahi, Jatri Distt Sheikhpura
Village Jatrri, ,

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This Village, called Jatri, is located on the Bhai Pheru-Khunda road a little farther from Balluki Head Wo ...

Gurudwara Patshahi Panjvin at Buccheki Distt Sheikhpura
Bucheki, ,

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">The Village Bucheki on Lahore-Jaranwala road is very well known. It is 15 kilometer southwest of Nankana S ...

Gurudwara Pehli Patshahi at Haftmadar Distt Sheikhpura

<p align="center" style="text-align: left;">This Village which goes by the name of Haftmadar lies on Bhai Pheru-Khunda road after Jatri. From the main ...

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