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Historical Gurudwaras in Sahiwal

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Gurudwara Nanaksar at Harappa

<p>Harappa is a very old city of district Sahiwal (Montgomery) This city flourished even thousands of years before Christ, later it became a ruin eith ...

Gurudwara Nanaksar at Pakpattan City

<p>The sacred Shrine in the outskirts of the old city is related with Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This locality is known as Samadhan. There used to be a Shrine ...

Gurudwara Nanaksar at Tibba Abhor, Distt Pakpattan
Tibba Abhor, ,

<p>This sacred Shrine of Jagat Guru Dev Ji is on Tibba Abhor located on Pakpattan-Arifwala road. The Village can be reached by getting off the bus at ...

Gurudwara Tibba Nanaksar at Pakpattan

<p>This sacred Shrine called Nanaksar is located at a distance of about six kilometer from Pakpattan. It is close to the railway line. Pakpattan is it ...

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