Gurdwara Guru-Ka-Bagh -Varanasi

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Gurdwara Guru-Ka-Bagh in Varanasi, is dedicated to Guru Nanak who had discussion here with Pandit Chattar Das. An impressive Gurdwara has been built here, in memory of the founder of the Sikh faith.

The ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur also visited the holy city of Varanasi. There was already a large religious centre, under masand Jawehrimal, commemorating the memory of Guru Nanak's visit to this place of pilgrimage. With the coming of Guru Tegh Bahadur into the city of Banaras the whole atmosphere was divinely inspired. The Devotees from all parts of the country flocked to have a glimpse of the Guru who camped here for a fortnight. He entered the city on his white horse named Sri Dhar' a gift of his Muslim friend Saiffuddin of Bahadurgarh. He was adorned in a dark brown dress,in Rajput style. This dress is still preserved there in the Gurdwara.

<p >This holy city is picturesquely situated on the left bank of the Ganga. One of the ancient seats of learning in India, it is said to be a compound of two streams; the Varuna and the Assi which still flow in the north and south of the city. It is connected by rail and road to all important towns of India. Nearest Airport is Babatpur, 22 km away from Varanasi .

Gurdwara Guru Bagh Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji - is dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev, who visited Benaras on the occasion of Shivratri fair (February-March) early during the sixteenth century and held religious discourses with Brahaman scholars and Sadhus of different denominations. The present building of the Gurdwara located along Sri Guru Nanak Marg (or street) was constructed during early 1970s. The sanctum is at one end of a rectangular hall with a wide gallery at mid-height on three sides on the interior, and a porch in front of the doors on the opposite side of the sanctum. A few rooms near the entrance to the one-acre compound of the Gurdwara are available for pilgrims' staying overnight.