Gurudwara Sri Patshahi Dasvin Sahib, Kamlot

This Gurdwara is situated at a distance of 18 Km Northwest of town Anandpur Sahib in Village Kalmot.

The Tenth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji stayed at Bibhaur Sahib for many Months. When people came to know about Guru Ji's visit, they came in large numbers with offerings of Daswandh (1/10 part of income) and many other items and paid homage to Guru Ji. Guru Ji blessed them with Preachings and Amrit (the Water of immortality). Guru Ji asked them to be always alert and have faith in Almighty. A Person who was interested in Wars requested Guru Ji that now-a-Days we are lying idle, earlier we used to be engaged in battles, now it is difficult to pass time, it appears that all the enemies have gone to sleep.

Upon hearing this Guru Ji smiled and said that you should not worry, You have to fight many battles. Many persons on this earth are your enemies. Some do not like your dress and your looks. Some persons will not like you because you have become Khalsa and discarded your earlier caste and religion. You have become from Beru and Dharmu, Beer Singh and Dharam Singh. The Mughals have become your enemies because their religion Deen-i-ilahi is not so flourishing now, as it used to be earlier. You have to fight many battles and you have to flourish and get prosperity. The Sikh bowed his head. Some followers of the area came to pay homage and told Guru Ji that they could not visit Anandpur Sahib because of the battle going on there, they had brought many valuable items including arms and cash, which were to be offered to you, but people of Kalmot have looted all the items like dacoits. We told them that these items belong to Guru Ji , but they did not hear. Guru Ji pacified the followers and told them that their offerings have reached us, now we will get our items. On hearing this, Bhai Alam Singh reacted swiftly and asked for Guru Ji's permission to attack to get all the items back. Guru Ji said that we will attack tomorrow. The Sikhs passed the Night with difficulty.

Next Morning, after the completion of Preaching Diwan, War was declared by beating of Drums. Guru Ji alongwith 100 Sikhs reached Village Kalmot. Guru Ji sat under a tree and the Sikhs attacked the Village. The Villagers ran away to save their lives. The Sikhs destroyed all those houses completely from where looted offerings were recovered. In the Evening, the Dinner was prepared and the Sikhs took rest. A bed was arranged for Guru Ji which was placed under the tree. Some of the Sikhs who wanted to attack the Fort where the Villagers were hiding came to have Guru Ji's permission, but Guru Ji asked them to attack Next Morning. Next Morning, the Sikhs encircled the Fort. The Villagers who were inside the Fort knew that their death is sure, so they raised a white Flag and asked for forgiveness. Guru Ji stopped the Sikhs and asked the Villagers to come out of the Fort. The Villagers vowed never to disturb anyone.

When Guru Ji was preparing to return to Bibhaur Sahib with Sikhs, Bhai Daya Singh and some other Sikhs requested Guru Ji that before going to Nirmohgarh and leaving Lohgarh Fort You told us that Anandpur Sahib is our home and we will come back, now kindly go to Anandpur Sahib. Guru Ji , accepting their request, sent his men to Bibhaur Sahib to bring items lying there and started his journey from Kalmot to Anandpur Sahib, the Next Morning.

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