Gurudwara Sri Tahli Sahib, Ratan

Gurudwara Sri Tahli Sahib is situated in Village Ratan district Ludhiana. Bhai Naghahia ji offered Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji hore at almgir (Gurudwara Sri Manji Sahib is situated there). From almgir Guru Sahib recahed on outer of Village duley(Gurudwara Sri flahi Sahib is situated there). From there Guru Sahib sent message to sardar's of kila raipur. But they didnt came. Further Guru Sahib came here at Village ratan. Guru Sahib stayed here for a night. When ladies of Village kila raipur came to know that the Village sardar's didnt went to meet Guru Sahib, they cursed them and came here with along sardars of Village to plea for guilty. They also brought langar and served Guru Sahib with great Devotion. Ladies also asked to forgive there husband for mistake. Guru Sahib blessed them that your sardari's will be for life long. When Guru Sahib sowed a tahli datan, which later grew up as full fledged tree. People tried to uproot it, but who so ever tried to do so was either blind or became kohri. Near by was a pond. Guru Sahib also blessed that who so ever will take bath here his body will be disease free and his wishes will come true. 

Ratan, , , Punjab, India
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