Gurudwara Sri Burz Sahib, Dhariwal

Gurudwara Sri Burz Sahib is situated in Village Dhariwal, district Gurdaspur. Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji went to baarth on invitation of Baba Sri Chand ji to meet him. Guru Sahib met Baba Sri chand ji and had discussion with him. While going back to Amritsar Guru Sahib here. At that time it was dense forest here and a small pond. People started gathering here when the news of Guru Sahib's arrival spread. Guru Sahib preached people of naam simran and wand shakan. In the gathering there was one person with leprosy disease. He requested Guru Sahib to get rid of the disease. Guru Sahib asked him to take bath in pond and take mud out of it and put in the place where now Gurudwara Sahib is situated. The person did the same and his disease was cured. Poeple also took out the mud and made a Burz with the sand. And later the name of Gurudwara Sahib was known as Gurudwara Sri Burz Sahib. 

Dhariwal, , , Punjab, India
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