Gurudwara Sri Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo

This Gurdwara is situated at a distance of 28 Km Southeast of Bathinda City on Bathinda-Sardulgarh Road in town Talwandi Sabo which is also known as Guru Ki Kashi.

The Tenth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji visited this place in 1706, after leaving Anandpur Sahib and fighting against Mughal forces via Chamkaur Sahib - Machhiwara - Dina - Mukatsar Sahib - Lakhi Jungle and Village Pakka Pathrala. Guru Ji loosened his Kamarkassa (a waist Belt) and took rest at this place, which was a high elevated piece of land surrounded by Karir trees. Literally, Damdama means the resting place, hence the Gurdwara is known as Shri Damdama Sahib. Guru Ji stayed at this place for more than 15 Months and tested the Sikhism and devotion of his Sikhs by aiming Gun at them. Guru Ji administered Amrit to Chaudhry Dalla and his family and named him Dall Singh. At this place Guru Ji got written the full version of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Bhai Mani Singh Ji. The Hymns of Ninth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji were added to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Baba Deep Singh Ji got four copies of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji prepared at this place, which were sent to the Four Takhats of Sikhs - Akal Takhat, Amritsar, Takhat Shri Kesgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib, Takhat Shri Hazur Sahib, Nanded (in Maharashtra State) and Takhat Harmandir Sahib, Patna (in Bihar State). Guru Gobind Singh Ji administered Amrit to 1.25 Lakh Sikhs on the occasion of Baisakhi Festival at this place.

Gurudwara Sri Damdama Sahib is situated in the Talwandi Sabo in Bathinda district. This Holy Takht is 4th takht of Khalsa panth. In the year 1705 a.d., Guru Gobind Singh ji while fighting against the cruel rulers, after leaving Sri Anandpur Sahib , ChamKaur Sahib , deena ka Angad , Muktsar Sahib, Lakhi jungle, Pakka pathrala and touching various places with his holy presence, reached here in the year 1705 a.d. It was here that Guru Sahib took rest by untying his waist band on a raised platform surrounded by kareer trees. This place became famous as Damdama Sahib. Guru Sahib stayed at this place for around 1 1/4 year. It was here that Guru Sahib tested the Singhs for their faith in sikhism with gun's target. Guru Sahib also baptised the chaudhary of this area named Baba Dall & gave him the name of Dall Singh. This was the place where Guru ji also got the holy Beed of Aadh Guru Granth Sahib ji written by martyr Bhai Mani Singh ji. This place in rememberence is named as Gurudwara Damdama Sahib. Martyr Baba Deep Singh ji got the copies done of the beed & sent it to the 4 takhts. On vaisakhi, the khalsa foundation day , it was second time that 1.25 lakh Singhs were baptised due to which every year on the occasion of vaisakhi, sikh followers celebrate it with belief & enthusiasm.

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