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Gurudwara Hira Ghat Sahib- Nanded

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Gurudwara Hira Ghat Sahib , about nine kilometers downstream from Nanded is where Guru Gobind Singh first pitched his tents right on the Godavari bank. A legend similar to the one associated with Gurudwara Nagina Ghat Sahib is also related to this Shrine. Here it was the emperor Bahadur Shah who presented to the Guru a bira (diamond) which the Guru flung into the river, and asked the offended emperor to look into the river, where the latter saw heaps of diamonds. The emperor was deeply impressed and he bowed to the Guru with humility. The only difference is that at Nagina Ghat Sahib, a Devotee had come with present of Nagina, whereas at Heera Ghat Sahib, the visiting person was Emperor Bhahadur Shah, who had come from Golkonda side and presented a very beautiful 'Hira' i.e. diamond to the Guru. Again Guru Sahib didn't take a serious notice of the so-called precious present and threw it into the Godavari River passing side by. The king was also surprised at the Guru's fete and when on latter's instructions tried to fetch out his diamond from the river, he also found the river full of so many diamonds, even more precious than his offering. The emperor realized that at Guru Nanak's Darbar there was no shortage of any kind and the glittering wealth does not tempt the Sikhs and in other words it serves at the doors of Sikhs community.

Gurudwara Hira Ghat Sahib is situated in the Village BahmanVaada, Distt Nanded. When Guru Gobind Singh came to Dakhan, He first stayed here. Badshah Bahadur Shah was also along with Guru Sahib. Badshah Bahadur Shah presented Guru Sahib with a preciuos Diamond. Guru Sahib threw that diamond in Godavari River, flowing behind their Camp. Badshah was shocked to see this that he has presented such a preciuos diamond to Guru Sahib and he has thrown it into Godawari without knowing its value. Guru Sahib knowing the feelings of Bahadur Shah, Said him Badhshah I have kept your presented Diamond in Godavari, you can choose your one from there. When Badshah went to godavari he found that the river bed was full of diamonds even more preciuos then what he had presented to Guru Sahib. He came back and bowed to Guru Sahib and confessed his mistake. .

Village Bahmanvaada, Nanded, , Maharashtra, India

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